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Summer Journey

Summer Journey. Time doesn't heal wounds.

A terrible suspicion casts a shadow over the idyllic world of a scout group. 30 years later, the filmmaker confronts himself and his companions with the dark side of campfire romance. The result is a personal and highly nuanced film about the structures and systems of psychological and sexual abuse. Nominated for the Grimme Prize 2023.


Dreiviertelblut. Space Tourists.

A multifaceted, kaleidoscopic cinematic poem about and featuring Sebastian Horn and Gerd Baumann, accompanied by the poetic music of Dreiviertelblut. A descent into the dark valleys of the human soul, a reflection on existence, the world, and, of course, the role of Bavaria in the infinite universe.


"Witty, full of poetry, nature, and irresistibly beautiful music" EPD FILM

«A quirky delight with magnificent music» BR KINOKINO

- Nominated for the German Documentary Film Award 2022 -


Lifelines: Helmfried von Lüttichau - Solo for Staller

For seven years, Helmfried von Lüttichau portrays the role of police officer Johannes Staller alongside Christian Tramitz in the popular series "Hubert und Staller". Only a few know that von Lüttichau achieves late fame in his early 50s and that he accompanies his first wife, who is suffering from cancer, until her death.

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