We take measures against the "Bewegungskrise" (crisis of exercise): physical inactivity is the risk factor number one when it comes to nontransferable diseases. What are the reasons for the spreading idleness? The movie from Kirsten Esch will present worldwide innovative projects. Editors by ZDF/ arte, supported by FFF Bayern. 


Sternstunden-Tag takes place on December the 10th. The charity campaign of the Bayerischer Rundfunk (Bavarian radio broadcasting) supports ill and disabled children and children in need. As in the past we produce film contributions for the gala in Nürnberg, which show the charity projects. 


On November 15 our film series "Lebenslinien" with the title "Solo für Staller" will be broadcasted on Bayerisches Fernsehen (public television). It illustrates a portrait of the acotr Helmfried von Lüttichau in celebration of his 65th birthday. Director: Andi Niessner, in charge of the camera: Felix Raitz von Frentz, editing: Hauke von Stietencron. Click here to watch it in the ARD media library. 


"Gegen Gift: Apfelstreit in Südtirol" (ZDF/ planet e) (against toxin: apple dispute in South Tyrol). The people of the village Mals oppose the massive use of pesticides when it comes to growing apples. Within that supposedly idyllic world Berndt Welz covers the conflict, which is attracting increasing attentions. A production by Dokutopia UG


By this time there are already quite a few instances where the so called "Klima-Kläger" (climate claimant) succeed with their legal actions. Author Berndt Welz meets the advocates of the Paris climate protection agreement in the new episode for planet e (ZDF). Editing: Angelika Lepper. A production by Dokutopia UG


For the film series "Ich Bauer" (Servus TV) our author Martin Leckert portrayed the family Mayr-Melnhof from the Attersee. For generations they take an active part in the forestry and cultivate a responsible conversation of their estates. In charge of the camera: Bartek Latosinski, Felix Raitz von Frentz and also Christian Gappmaier. 


The ceremony of the German film award for documentaries will be held in June during the SWR Doku-Festival. Fortunately, our documentary "Dreiviertelblut-Weltraumtouristen" is part of the nominated films.


"Europas grüne Felder" (planet e/ ZDF) (Europes green fields). Through the Green Deal the EU authorised a huge amount of money supplies for a policy shift in the agricultural sector. Is this going to be successful? Author Berndt Welz pursues the question on how likely the chances are for an ecological turnaround with in agriculture. Its a Dokutopia production.


In many areas the soil is in poor condition and depleted due to the habit of using pesticides on a very large scale. In "Böden im Burnout" (3SAT/Wissen hoch2) author Berndt Welz illustrates the consequences emerging from the multi-billion dollar business of the chemical industry. Its a Dokutopia production.


The great Sternstunden-Tag takes place on December the 11th. The charity campaign of the Bayerisches Fernsehen (public television) supports various projects for Kinder in Not (charity organisation for children in need). As in the past we produce film contributions for the great gala evening. Click here for further information on the Sternstunden charity and for placing donations.


The "Green-Deal" by Ursula von der Leyen is supposed to protect the climate on one hand and shall boost the economy within the EU on the other hand. Not only due to it being a financial mega project, it is also met by some stakeholders with great scepticism. Director Berndt Welz canvasses in both of his movies for 3SAT (makro) and for ZDF (planner e) those diverse interests. In charge of the camera: Gerardo Milsztein, Oliver Kratz and Jonas Schmailzl. Dokutopia UG is responsible for the TV production. Here you can find the film for the "makro" broadcast in the media library. 


In the film series "Lebenslinien" director Andi Niessner takes a close look at the wild life of actor Helmfried von Lüttichau. In charge of the camera: Felix Raitz von Frentz, editing by Hauke von Stietencron.


With a great commitment family Rodier is looking after preservation matters of various farm animal breeds, which are doomed to extinction. For the film series "Ich-Bauer" (Servus TV) director Hannes Schuler and Dennis Lüthi (director of photography) pay a visit to the idyllic farm in the Salzburger Land.


In her movie "Für immer beinand" author Lisa Haas addresses the secrets which are hiding within long lasting relationships. By teaming up with director of photography Toni Felixberger she creates a 45-minute documentary for Servus TV. Editing was done by Verena Schönauer.


On August 6 is the cinema release of „Dreiviertelblut- Weltraumtouristen“: together with our friends and partners of Lieblingsfilm we bring the documentary about the band Dreiviertelblut with Sebastian Horn and Gerd Baumann into the cinemas. A movie by Marcus H. Rosenmüller and Johannes Kaltenhauser in cooperation with the editorial team for documentaries of Bavarian broadcasting channel, promoted by FFF Bavaria. This way to watch the trailer.


Meteorologists are in agreement: extremely dry summer periods caused by climate change are the new rule. What are the concepts against water shortages? Author Berndt Welz gets to the bottom of this question for the ZDF-format planet e. In charge of the camera: Moritz Frisch. A production of affiliated DokUtopia UG. Here you can find the film on the ZDF-Mediathek.


On June 1 the Bavarian television shows the pilot of „Mensch.Land.Maschine“. Autor and director Josef Mayerhofer forges a wide bridge within the screening: ranging from beloved classics to innovative solutions for farming.

Our documentary „Dreiviertelblut- Weltraumtouristen“ (directed by Marcus H. Rosenmüller and Johannes Kaltenhauser) is now finalised and initially we wanted to celebrate its premiere on the Munich Dokfest. This now needs to be postponed due to the current circumstances.


The Dokfest however now takes place online for once. In alternative to the documentary we contribute the worth watching concert of Dreiviertelblut in circus Krone. Here you can watch it from May 7 to May 24 German-wide.


For a new episode of the Servus TV format „Heimatleuchten“ our team ended up in the Kaiserwinkel of Tyrol. Director of photography Felix Raitz von Frentz and Autor Christian Stiefenhofer run into exciting protagonists on the calmer side of the wild ‘Kaiser’.


We support the recently registered club Retla. Relta (stands for Alter (age) spelled backwards) cares about elderly people in need under the patronage of Michaela May and Elmar Wepper. In an unbureaucratic manner funds are raised to sponsor selected projects. This helps those people and makes their lives easier to cope with. This way to the home page of Retla.


The Hafnerhof in Carinthia is the pivot of the events for a further episode of Servus TV serial „Ich-Bauer“. Here the extended family Nuart successfully conducts a farm cheesery. Director Barbara Weber accompanies them during an eventful year, including the upcoming handover of the farm. In charge of the camera: Felix Raitz von Frentz.


Living in perfect isolation on an alpine pasture comes close to a long-cherished dream of many people. Author Marc Haenecke and director of photography Johannes Straub have to gain quite some elevation for „Heimatleuchten“ (Servus TV), in order to meet such people, who have made this dream come true.


In the past year, our teams were again in action all around the world. The travelled kilometres by car or plane will completely be compensated for through "atmosfair", the climate protection organisation by honorary patron Klaus Töpfer. Here you can find the webpage of "atmosfair" for detailed information.


In Burgenland top chef Max Stiegl carries on the tradition of „Sautanz“, an almost forgotten feast from olden times. The culinary utilisation forms the subject of the latest movie for Servus TV by director Jens Pfeiffer. In charge of the camera: Olaf Bitterhoff.


The movies „Bayer, die Bauern und die Bienen“ and „Bioschutz statt Ackergift“ form for the first time a content related fusion of the ZDF TV-formats ZDF-zoom and planet e. The focus of the ascertainment of author Berndt Welz is on a highly controversial number of insecticides, the neonicotinoids. The negligent use of such is obviously not only responsible for the tremendous bee deaths of the past years. Furthermore, the entire misery shall have been prevented from an early stage on, as the manufacturers knew already about possible endangerments within the ecosystem before gaining licensing approval. A production of affiliated Dokutopia UG. In charge of the camera: Moritz Frisch, Gerardo Milzstein, Oliver Kratz and Frank van Vught.


The Sternstunden fundraising gala of Bavarian broadcasting channel will be broadcasted from the Nuremberg Frankenhalle on December 13. We are pleased to be commissioned again to contribute the video inserts for the live broadcast. This way to the Sternstunden webpage.


A Portrait of the Prinzgauer Musiktrio „Hollerstauden“ with sequences of current concerts is the latest project of film maker Alexander Saran. In charge of the camera: Aline László as well as Felix Raitz von Frentz for a further documentary commissioned by Servus TV.


We support the Staatsinstitut für Frühpädagogik (IFP) (state institute for early childhood education) for a new image campaign. The movies will focus on the profession as an educator. Gerhard Hross will be the director.


The Bavarian television channel (BR) broadcasts our documentary „B12 – Gestorben wird im nächsten Leben“ on September 25. The movie by director Christian Lerch will afterwards be available in the media library of the Bavarian television channel (BR) for four weeks. Furthermore, our web series „B12- Auf der Suche nach dem Sinn des Lebens“ can now be watched again in the media library of Bavarian television channel (BR).


A substantial delegation of our camera crew is on-site in the city theatre of Fürth under direction of DoP Frank Meyer. Here we record the current live programme „Antigone“ for the cabaret artist Bodo Wartke of Hamburg. The widely acknowledged show will soon be available on DVD.


In due time to the play-offs of the DEL we portray four extraordinary ice hockey players from EHC Redbull Munich. In doing so Florian Merhart (director) and the directors of photography Bartek Latosinski and Frank Meyer temporarily enter the chilled ice rink.


After the thawing period this autumn our author Marc Haenecke travels to the valley of Sarntal in South Tyrol together with his director of photography Johannes Straub. This way a new episode emerges for the format "Heimatleuchten" for Servus TV.


A mountain scenery, deep in snow, forms the backdrop for a new episode of the Servus TV format „Heimatleuchten“ by film maker Hannes Schuler. He portrays together with director of photography Johannes Straub the Tyrol region of Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis by gathering stories about people full of vitality.

In the past year, our teams were again in action all around the world. The travelled kilometres by car or plane will completely be compensated for through "atmosfair", the climate protection organisation by honorary patron Klaus Töpfer. Here you can find the webpage of "atmosfair" for detailed information.


Doctors without borders offer their help to victims of naturally caused or manmade catastrophes as well as armed conflicts. We support the projects of the organisation.


The Sternstunden-Aktion from the Bavarian broadcasting radio does exist now for already 25 years. Congratulations! We are very pleased to contribute the video inserts for the gala event. Follow the link to the Sternstunden-webpage.


Just in time for the festive season: as of December 7 our documentary „B12-Gestorben im nächsten Leben“ is available on DVD. It is released on the classy label good!movies.  


Together with Johannes Kaltenhauser - in charge of the camera - and Florian Vogel from postproduction, we support the video "Mia ned" by the artists with heart. Director Christian Lerch and we are very pleased, that it finally reached so many people ahead of the Landtagswahl (state election).


Together with director of photography Johannes Straub, film maker Hannes Schuler hits the road towards the pretty region of Salzkammergut. In the autumnally scenery he is gathering exciting stories about the subject wood. This way a new episode for the format "Heimatleuchten" emerges for Servus TV.


 Our documentary "B12 - Gestorben im nächsten Leben" is in cinemas as of now. Please follow this link for further information on the dates of the cinema tour with director Christian Lerch plus the listing of the event locations.


 In his documentary "München - Stadt in Angst" director Stefan Eberlein is following up on the reasons for the panic, which spread across the city due to the devastating rampage two years ago in Munich. In charge of the camera: Johannes Kaltenhauser, editing: Robert Vakily. The Bayrisches Fernsehen (Bavarian TV) will be broadcasting the documentary on Wednesday, July 18 at 10:45 pm.


 The web page to our remarkable cinema documentary "B12 - gestorben wird im nächsten Leben" is as of now online. For detailed information on the cinema release starting on 19th of July please follow the link: https://www.b12-film.de


 The well-assorted Musikfilmtage (music film days) Oberaudorf screen our portrait "Herbert Pixner - welche Volksmusik meinen Sie?". On Sunday 8th of July the documentary of director Barbara Weber will be screened inside monastery Reisach. Further information on the programme you will find here.



 The social companionship of Munich "Bellevue di Monaco" is officially opening its gateways. Over a number of years author Leo Steinbichler and director of photography Hannes Kaltenhauser have accompanied the history of origins. In the course of the festivities on 9th of June the film is now on display.



 Now we will take our documentary "B12 - Gestorben wird im nächsten Leben" to the cinemas ourselves: in collaboration with the agencies 24 Bilder and Ana Radica plus Andrea Hailer we will arrange for the cinema release throughout Bavaria on 19th of July. You can find the trailer here.



 Director Martin Maria Leckert is on his way to the Ötztal. During summer he will accompany a reputable family, which cultivates a farm in an extreme setting. In charge of the camera: Bartek Latosinski. The documentary of the series "Ich Bauer" will be broadcasted on Servus-TV next year.


On Saturday the 9th of June at around 9:00 pm we screen our documentary "B12 - Gestorben wird im nächsten Leben" at the scene of event: the roadhouse B12 is bordering on the road just before Hohenlinden. At the open air display some of the protagonists plus the director Christian Lerch will be present.


 Together with our director Barbara Weber, Hannes Kaltenhauser is shooting at Attersee. This way a considerable portrait is emerging for Servus-TV series "Ich Bauer" of a most bustling and charismatic woman.


This summer we produced another episode for the Servus TV programme Heimatleuchten: the focus of this episode is on the band "Die Seer" and their homeland, the Ausseer Land. Film maker Jens Pfeifer and director of photography Bennie Zecher are staging it all. Editing: Florian Vogel.


Additional screenings at the Dokfest in Munich: "B12 - Gestorben wird im nächsten Leben" has been shortlisted by the German competition DOK.deutsch and is being granted an additional showing on Sunday, 11th of May at 8:00 pm at the Rio.


New to the cinemas: at Munich´s Dokfest we celebrate the premier of our documentary "B12 - Gestorben wird im nächsten Leben". Opening is the movie of Christian Lerch on 5th of May at 6:30 pm at the Rio. Additional showings: on 8th of May at 11:00 am at the HFF / on 10th of May at 4:30 pm at the HFF / Friday o 11th of May at 7:00 pm at the Rio.



In context of the worth watching series "Lebenslinien" on Bavarian Fernsehen (TV), Andi Niessner is portraying the actor Jutta Speidel from Munich. In charge of the camera: Markus Krämer and Pascal Hofmann.


Currently film maker Jens Pfeifer is attending to "Innsbruck im Winter". He is shooting this new episode for Heimatleuchten on Servus TV together with our valued director of photography Johannes Straub.


On Sunday the 14th of January at 6:00 pm Servus TV screens our documentary "Kleinwalsertal - Die schönste Sackgasse der Welt" (Kleinwalsertal - prettiest dead end road of the world). Our author Christian Stiefenhofer along with director of photography Olaf Bitterhoff  did encounter the Walser.


In the previous year our teams were again in action around the world. The by car or plane travelled kilometres will completely be compensated for through "atmosfair", the climate protection organisation by honorary patron Klaus Töpfer. Here you can find the webpage of "atmosfair" for further information.


Also in 2017 again we produced the portraits of the projects for the BR-Sternstunden Gala. Huge respect to all of those who contributed to this undertaking: more than 7.7 Mio. € were fund raised for "Kinder in Not".

This way to the Sternstunden webpage.


In amicable collaboration of Johannes Kaltenhauser and Martin Otter (Marsfeld) various image clips originated this year for the bavarian Realschullehrerverband (middle school teacher society). The movies illustrate the profile of the middle schools in Bavaria and explain the secondary options at this course of education.  


Our web serial "B12 - Auf der Suche nach dem Sinn des Lebens" saw the light of the day at the same time as the BR-Mediathek. Director: Christian Lerch. Director of Photography: Johannes Kaltenhauser.


Our portrait of "Herbert Pixner - Welche Volksmusik meinen Sie?" is being screened first time on Friday 3rd of November at 9:15 pm on Servus TV. Film maker Barbara Weber bought up with the popular musician, in charge of the camera: Johannes Kaltenhauser.


Together with director Stefan Eberlein we will review the events of the rampage at the OEZ and will feature, how it consequently developed to an alleged terror attack of more than 70 targets. The documentary "An einem Freitag im Juli (AT)" (on a Friday in July) will be promoted by FFF Bayern - a coproduction with the department of documentary of the Bayrisches Fernsehen (bavarian TV).



On 31st of August / rerun on 3rd of September our documentary of "Sehnsucht und Verbrechen" (longing and felonies). director: Thomas Wedmann, director of photography: Olaf Bitterhoff. The unusual portrait of Friedrich Ani provides an insight into the life´s work of this popular crime writer.


By three 45-minute episodes the Bavarian Fernsehen (TV) is broadcasting our series "Über Nacht bei Familie ..." (staying overnight at family ...). Julia Bauer (director) together with Benjamin Zecher (director of photography) payed those young families a visit at an awkward time of the day. Broadcast is on Sundays 6th, 13th and and 20th of August always at 3:15 pm.


Open air "cinema under Karvendel" (Mountain formation) screens on 27th of July our documentary "Unsichtbares Land - auf den Spuren von Alois Irlmaier" (Invisible land - tracing Alois Irlmaier). Another opportunity to watch the documentary is to order the DVD with bonus material here.


A special cinema hint: our web serial "B12 - Auf der Suche nach dem Sinn des Lebens" is ob display tow times during the Munich Filmfest. On Sunday the 25th of June at 8:00 pm at the HFF / cinema 1 and again on Monday the 26th of June at 10:30 am at the HFF / cinema 2. Director: Christian Lerch, director of photography: Johannes Kaltenhauser. Check here for tickets.


24 hours Bavaria. A mammoth project worth watching. Such a project won"t be repeated any time soon. We supported the elaborate production of Zeroone and Megaherz with 16 camera teams and pass on our best wishes for the magnificent success. It was broadcasted on 5th of June - you will find the link to the website here.


Exactly 25 years ago Munich´s main airport transferred from Riem in direction of Freising. We produced this film of the official celebration of this anniversary. Director: Matthias Edlinger, director of photography: Johannes Kaltenhauser.


"Mein Prater - mein Leben" ("my Prater - my life"). Commissioned by Servus TV Reportage, Andreas Dorner and Franz Gruber tell the story of the eldest amusement park in Europe. In charge of the camera: Harald Vonend.  



Commissioned by Servus TV (Heimatleuchten), film maker Christian Stiefenhofer hit the road in order to shoot a winterly film in the Kleinwalsertal. Along for the ride at the camera are Olaf Bitterhoff, Toni Felixberger and Florian Vogel.


After the ceremony of the German Fernsehpreis (TV award) the Gallileo editors popped a cork: We pass on our best wishes! We are very pleased about those many years of fruitful collaboration.


The Enns ist the common thread for a new episode of "Heimatleuchten" on Servus TV: director Jens Pfeifer is shooting together with Tobias Tempel (camera), running into extremely content people.


Another concert highlight in our music division: Georg Ringsgwandl performs at Munich´s Kammerspiele. We pointed various live cameras at it. In charge were Hannes Kaltenhauser and Benjamin Zecher.


In the previous year our teams were again in action around the world. The by car or plane travelled kilometres will completely be compensated for through "atmosfair", the climate protection organisation by honorary patron Klaus Töpfer. Here you can find the webpage of "atmosfair" for further information.


Also this year again we produced an intro for the BR-Sternstunden Gala. Huge respect to all of those who contributed to this undertaking: more than 6.5 Mio. € were fund raised for "Kinder in Not".

This way to the Sternstunden webpage.



Munich hip hop band Blumentopf are on their final tour on stage of the major concert halls in state. From here on the band is history. For a documentary (BR / Puls) we accompanied the final gigs, including their highlight show in Munich´s Zenith.


The final Blumentopf concert is now online. To be watched here. Chief director of photography in this matter was Frank Meyer.


On behalf of Servus TV we produced the documentary ´ski Tour into the unknown" (director: Tom Dauer). In autumn it is on screen at three interesting festivals:

Mountain film festival at lake Tegernsee (Bergfilmfest Tegernsee) (20.10.)

Mountain film festival in Graz, Austria (Mountainfilm-Fest Graz) (09.11.)

Mountain views film festival in Dresden (Bergsichten Dresden) (12.11. + 13.11.)    


In Lodwar, a small Kenyan town near the borders with South Sudan and Ethiopia, the German NGO “learning-Lions” (http://www.learninglions.org) is based. It offers young people modern training possibilities (web + video) with the aim to enable them to later become self-employed. Filmmaker Marc Haenecke will conduct a two-week film course there, which we’re happy to support.


The South Tyrolean exceptional musician Herbert Pixner in his work moves between world and folk music. A portrait of author Barbara Weber now reveals the personality of the man behind the stage character. Camera: Johannes Kaltenhauser, on behalf of Servus TV.



With the RED DRAGON WEAPON we can announce a high-quality addition to our camera pool. Recording is possible in up to 6K in REDCODE RAW, Apple Pro Res or Avid DNxHR/HD.



24 hours Bavaria – one day in Bavaria: 100 camera teams are shooting for the largest documentary project in the history of Bavarian television. Responsible are zero one film and Megaherz. It is an honor for us to support this exceptional project with several camera crews.



The REPORT MAINZ report “Fall Felbinger” (Case Felbinger) was nominated for the Grimme Award. We are happy for our cameraman Matthias Barth, who was involved in this successful project.



The DOK.fest Munich will show our film “Kofelgschroa.Frei.Sein.Wollen”. It will be playing at the Gasteig Open Air on Saturday, May 14. It will start at 21h30, admission is free.



250 years Wiener Prater. Filmmaker Franz Gruber looks behind the scenes of this dubious place and garish amusement park. Behind the camera: Harald Vonend and Jörg Stefke. The 47-minute documentary will be broadcast on Servus TV on 09 June at 21h15.



With Hubert von Goisern on US Tour: On behalf of Servus TV director Jens Pfeifer and cameraman Tom Leitl accompany the exceptional musician from Upper Austria. The musical road trip is marked by cordial meetings with old companions and a critical approach to the faltering superpower.



A 50 minute portrait will be dedicated to the highly successful international jazz bassist Eberhard Weber. On behalf of the Ludwigsburg production company avindependents we are shooting in France, the USA and Germany. Camera: Johannes Kaltenhauser; director: Julian Benedikt.



On Friday, 15 January, our documentary “Schitour ins Ungewisse” (Ski Tour into the Unknown) will be playing on Servus TV. Author Tom Dauer spends six wonderful days in the Allgäu Alps together with the musician Peter Stannecker and mountain guide Stefan Rusch. “An alpine road movie with the mountains as great stage.” Camera: Nico Ritzkowsky and Daniel Bartsch.



We support the Angkor Kids Center in Cambodia. The school for now 250 Khmer children is located in one of the poorest areas of the country. Supporting organization of the educational project is the non-profit association “helpucation e.V.” Here you can find more information about this project, and donations are certainly welcome!



In the past year our teams were again in action all over the world. The kilometers of the distance traveled by car and aircraft were entirely compensated via atmosfair, the climate protection organization with the patron Klaus Töpfer. Click here for the atmosfair page with detailed information.



On December 11 the “Sternstunden” charity gala of the Bayerische Rundfunk will be broadcast from the Nuremberg Frankenhalle from 19h45 on. We are very pleased that this year we were asked again to contribute the video clips to the 3-hour live show. Click here for the Sternstunden page.



From now on the DVD of „Unsichtbares Land – auf den Spuren von Alois Irlmaier” (Invisible Land – on the trail of Alois Irlmaier) is commercially available. You can order Johannes Kaltenhauser’s thoroughly researched documentary about the famous Bavarian clairvoyant here.



„Vom Umgang mit der Zeit” (Dealing with time): filmmaker Julia Bauer tells of people who have created an individual life concept in five vivid portraits. An unusual rhythm carries the films that gives the viewer time to watch and time to think. Camera: Benjamin Zecher. The Bayerische Rundfunk will show the series from Monday, 16 November to Friday 20 November at 17h00 each day.



On 03 December the Wolfenbüttler Festival will take place in the Harry Klein Club in Munich. Among others, DJ Hell, Sepalot (Blumentopf), Florian Keller and the guys from LaBrassBanda with their Bandabeats Soundsystem will perform. The Südkino Music Division has shot a trailer for this in advance: http: //www.jaegermeister.de/de-de/home/wolfenbuetteler-festspiele-breaksbeatsnbrasses/



For the Bavarian Television (BR) we portray an often envied lady who practices two exciting professions: Sandra King is the bus driver for the professional footballers of the FC Bayern. In addition she runs her own business: A school for horse communication. A film by Julia Bauer; camera: Benjamin Zecher



The 14-year-old Dylan attends the “La Scala Theatre Ballet School” in Milan, one of the most important dance schools in the world. For the children’s channel KIKA we now produce the portrait „Schau in meine Welt: Dylans Traum” (Look into my world: Dylan’s Dream). Author Antonio Guidi along with the cameramen Daniel Schönauer and Tobias Tempel delves into in a young life, which is characterized by discipline, passion and hard training.



The 30th edition of the South Tyrolean vintage car rally “Schenna Classic” provides the occasion for a lavishly produced documentary series, which will air in September on Servus TV. Director Alexander Saran and director of photography Olaf Bitterhoff with their team accompany the convoy of historic vehicles through one of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe. Among others, Austrian actor couple Nina Proll and Gregor Bloéb, Prince Hubertus von Hohenlohe, the musician Herbert Pixner as well as the charming comedienne Nina Hartmann are sitting behind the wheel.



On May 15 the DVD of our production “Kofelgschroa.Frei.Sein.Wollen.” will be released. The documentary by Barbara Weber that was highly acclaimed by press and public will be released in Germany by Movienet on DVD and as EST/VoD, and distributed by Trikont/Indigo. Exclusive bonus material!



Since April 23 the documentary “Hubert von Goisern – Brenna tuats schon lang” (Hubert von Goisern – it’s been burning already for a long time) is running in selected cinemas. Production: Kurt Langbein, Vienna. Südkino was responsible for the camera service. Behind the camera: Johannes Kaltenhauser; director Marcus H. Rosenmüller.



This year a documentary in the remote Villgratental (East Tyrol) will also be produced for the TV station Servus TV. Our author Barbara Weber along with the cameramen Johannes Kaltenhauser and Ralph Zipperlen will delve into the strenuous life of a special alpine farming family.



We continued our tour on skis. For the Servus TV format “Faszination Heimat ” we were shooting an exceptional ski tour in the Allgäu Alps and the Kleinwalsertal. Author of the documentary is Tom Dauer, and Niko Ritzkowsky was on the camera.



The year 2015 started with a nice road trip: for one week we accompanied the Cologne band AnnenMayKantereit for the program “Startrampe” on their idiosyncratic paths. Camera: Namche Okon & Tom Leitl.



For over ten years the Bayerische Rundfunk has been supporting children in need with its charity campaign “Sternstunden”. For the live gala from the Nuremberg Frankenhalle we produced the video clips. In these the individual aid projects and the telephone campaign with the prominent supporters are presented. With this year’s gala it was possible to collect more than 6 million Euros for a good cause.



The Bayerische Rundfunk will show our documentary series “Über Nacht bei Familie...” (Overnight in family...) from Monday 01 to Friday 05 December each day at 17h00.



Author Julia Bauer visited five Bavarian families during their “family time” and accompanied them one evening and one night. The audience thereby learns a lot about the different ways of life. Camera: Benjamin Zecher, Johannes Kaltenhauser and Florian Vogel.



This year’s ARD theme week will run from November 15 to 21 under the theme “tolerance”. In cooperation with the Bayerische Rundfunk we will co-produce the documentary “Grenzgänger – Wie tolerant bist Du?” (Grenzgänger – How tolerant are you?). It will be directed by Barbara Weber, and behind the camera are Daniel Schönauer and Stefan Held. Eleven teenagers and a tolerance coach go to their limits in role plays. Also present: young refugees, pupils of all types of schools – from the special school to high school. The film will be aired on Saturday, 15 November at 10h45 in the ARD and again on 20 November at 22h30 in the Bavarian Television (BR).



The current live DVD “Kiah Royal” of the Chiemgau band LaBrassBanda was produced in April in a cowshed and is on the market since the end of September. We supported the project with our cameramen Florian Schilling, Olaf Bitterhoff, Bartek Latosinski, Frank Meyer and Janis Willbold. Client: Rocket Studios.



The charismatic writer Friedrich Ani is the focus of another documentary for the Servus TV format “Faszination Heimat”. Director Thomas Wedmann and cameraman Olaf Bitterhoff accompany Mr. Ani through his hometown. In most cases his inspector Tabor Süden investigates here as well in search of missing and disappeared persons.



We can announce a release date: from 7 August our film “Kofelgschroa Frei.Sein.Wollen” (director: Barbara Weber; camera: Johannes Kaltenhauser) will be screened in the following Bavarian cities:

Augsburg, Bad Toelz, Erding, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Holzkirchen, Ingolstadt, Landshut, Munich (City, Neues Monopol, Kino Solln, Mathäser, Rio), Nuremberg, Oberammergau, Penzberg, Pfaffenhofen, Regensburg, Rosenheim, Seefeld-Hechendorf, Schongau and Straubing

And outside of Bavaria in:

Berlin – FAF

Düsseldorf – Kino im Savoy,

Cologne – Filmpalette

Hamburg – Abaton Kino



Special screening (!!!):

Open Air am Stoa

14.8. Edling near Wasserburg/Inn:

Concert of the band Kofelgschroa, followed by the screening of the film



Festival dates:

Musical Film Days Oberaudorf

11 July: Open Air (director Barbara Weber will be present)

5 Lakes Festival

29 July: Starnberg (director Barbara Weber will be present)

30 July: Herrsching (director Barbara Weber will be present)



Since 2006 the ARD has been showing the RAPortagen of the Munich hip-hop group Blumentopf during Football World Cups. On behalf of the ARD-WM Studio we have pre-produced these together with director Daniel Kuhn. Click here to get a glimpse of the night shooting in the Dantestadion in Munich.



The Vorarlberg writer Robert Schneider gained worldwide success with his novel “Schlafes Bruder” (Brother of Sleep). For the format “Faszination Heimat” on Servus TV we are now producing a 50-minute documentary about Mr. Schneider and his living environment. The author is Thomas Wedmann, on the camera Olaf Bitterhoff.



On 12 June at 17h00 and on 13 June at 15h00 the Bayerische Rundfunk will show our documentary “Jenseits der Ferne – Die stille Reise des August Frommer” (Beyond the Distance – The Silent Journey of August Frommer). Idea, camera, editing, directing: Johannes Kaltenhauser and Florian Vogel.



Click here for the trailer of “Kofelgschroa Frei. Sein.Wollen”



There is another opportunity to see the documentary “Kofelgschroa” at the Dokfest in Munich: On Wednesday, 14 May, the film will be on at 22h00 in the “Atelier” in the category “Best.Doks”



On Tuesday, 13 May 2014, at 21h30 the Südkino production “Kofelgschroa Frei. Sein.Wollen” (directed by Barbara Weber; camera Johannes Kaltenhauser) will premiere at the Munich Documentary Film Festival 2014 in the “Arri” cinema. We are happy about every visitor! Shortly before, on Friday May 05, the HFF Munich will show the film at 21h30 at their cinema open air.

“... One of the highlights at this year’s Documentary Film Festival” (BR kinokino)



The lip dub video for the Flughafen München GmbH produced by Südkino won in the category “Corporate Video/ Image film” at the “Internationale Wirtschaftsfilmtage” (International Business Film Festival) 2014. Furthermore, we are very pleased about the award “Intermedia Globe in Gold” at the World Media Festival 2014 in the category “Internal Communications/ motivation”.



The film „Unsichtbares Land – auf den Spuren von Alois Irlmaier” (Invisible Land – on the Trail of Alois Irlmaier) produced by us will be on in the Bayerische Rundfunk on 20 March 2014 at 17h00. Johannes Kaltenhauser embarks on a search for clues, and with the help of contemporary witnesses reconstructs the life of a simple man: Alois Irlmaier. Irlmaier seemingly could predict events and this earned him a reputation as a clairvoyant. The trained well-builder never could stand the hype around his person caused by this reputation – and his talent was a great mystery to himself...



For the film “Der seltsame Herr Gurlitt“ (The Odd Mr. Gurlitt) (on 19 March 2014 at 21h50 on ARTE) Südkino took over much of the filming and the complete postproduction. The client was BROADVIEW from Cologne.



From Monday 25 to Friday 29 November the documentary series “Wir trauen uns anders!” (We dare different!) will be on in the Bayerische Rundfunk daily at 5 pm. Our author Julia Bauer follows five Bavarian-international couples on their special way to marital happiness.



The lip dub video produced for the Flughafen München GmbH by Südkino is nominated for the European Excellence Award in the category “Corporate Film and Video”.



We are pleased to introduce our new label “Music Division” to you. Please enter here.



On behalf of the Munich Airport we have just produced a lip dub image video with about 200 performers in front of the camera. The video was directed by Matthias Edlinger, with assistance by Bernadette Huber and Frank Meyer on the camera.

You can watch the final video here



For the “Life-Nature Programme” of the EU we filmed a documentary about the last extensively used coppice area in Germany. Director: Gerhard Hross in close cooperation with the town Iphofen.



At the moment Matthias Edlinger is directing a music video for the band “Lary” from Berlin. Production is again on behalf of the BR program “Startrampe”.



On Sunday, May 05, the ZDF will show the film “Die Affenfänger von Cat Ba” (The Monkey Catchers from Cat Ba) at 14h45. It is about an exciting rescue operation for the last golden-headed langurs on Cat Ba Island off the coast of Vietnam. Cameraman Johannes Straub was on site together with author Hannes Schuler on behalf of Blackbird Film.



For the series “Faszination Heimat” of Servus TV we are currently producing an episode with the working title “Skitour einmal anders” (Ski Tour in a Different Way). Three ski tourers embark on a journey on skis for 5 days – destination unknown...



Our production “Lilli: Mein Opa hat Alzheimer” (Lilli: My Grandpa has Alzheimer’s) was awarded the 2013 EMIL of the the Burda publishing house for good children’s television. For six months author Barbara Weber has observed in her family how her three daughters, especially the oldest one Lilli, deal with the suffering and the death of their grandfather. According to the EMIL jury, the film describes in a very loving way, the “humane message: a human being still belongs to us, even if he or she is demented, and children are often able to do more than you think they’re capable of.”



On 07 April the Galileo special “Anschluss gesucht – Mit dem Linienbus durch Deutschland (Looking for a Connection – Through Germany by Public Bus) will be shown on ProSieben at 19h05. The two hosts Elena Bruhn and Haro Füllgrabe embark on a bizarre race by public bus. Author Thomas Furch has realized the story with the cameramen Olaf Bitterhoff and Frank Meyer. The respective second camera was operated by Tom Leitl and Florian Schuster.



In addition to our RED One camera we recently equipped ourselves with a RED Epic camera with complete accessories. Among other things, the camera films in high speed up to 400 B/s.



We are currently producing two music videos for the bands THE DOPE and CLAIRE. They are directed by David da Cruz and Matthias Edlinger.



The music video “Neulich in der City” for the band Blumentopf (director: Bernadette Huber; camera: Frank Meyer; production: Benny Zecher) is nominated for the ECHO 2013 in the category “Best Music Video National”.



For the youth series STARK! in the ZDF Südkino produced the film “Lilli: Mein Opa hat Alzheimer” (Lilli: My Grandpa has Alzheimer’s). For half a year author Barbara Weber has observed in her family how her three children, especially the oldest one Lilli, deal with the suffering and the death of their terminally ill grandfather.  



On behalf of the BR we have just completed the 5-part documentary series “Bayern über 80” (Bavarians over 80). We portray special people at an advanced age, all of which have set themselves high goals. Broadcast date is Monday 26 to Friday 30 November each day at 17h00.



On Saturday 29 December 2012 at 17h00 the Bayerische Rundfunk (Bavarian Broadcasting, BR) will show the documentary “Die Turmknechte von Mittertal” (The Tower Servants of Mittertal) that we produced. In the small village Mittertal in the Antholz Valley in South Tyrol church bells still are rung by hand. If the big bells are to ring on holidays, it needs ten strong men to do this. The sense of community of the tower servants has for centuries also been shaping the communal life outside of the church tower in the mountain village.

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